Rational Animals. Seven Essays on Reason’s Fields of Application


Giorgio Grimaldi (University of Urbino Carlo Bo) and Marialuisa Parise (University of Cassino and Southern Lazio)


This volume is the ideal and concrete sequel of another special issue of “Isonomia”: Animali razionali. Studi sui confini e sulle possibilità della razionalità, edited by Pierluigi Graziani, Giorgio Grimaldi and Massimo Sangoi. The aim – then and today – is to overcome the barriers among different ways of thinking the status, the role, the function and the tools of philosophy. The theme of this issue is – once again – Reason, one of the most important things we have in common, but that is at the same time so enigmatic, complicated and problematic to think about. The authors of these seven essays reflect on some of Reason’s fields of application, that is, history of thought, economics, artificial intelligence, theory of argumentation, architecture, neuroscience and aesthetics.

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