La forma individuale. Materia e relazioni in Aristotele


Valerio Marconi (Università degli Studi di Urbino Carlo Bo)


The paper assesses Aristotle’s account of individuation, recent interpretations are considered and to a certain extent confirmed. There are at least two criteria of individuation, namely form and matter. These criteria hold as far as they are individual, so the distinction between physical and logical point of view becomes relevant in order to separate matter as genus from matter as concrete constituent. The same holds in the case of universal and individual form. Proximate matter itself can be shown to be a relative and matter is generally the principle of all accidents. The strength of Aristotelian insights is a combination of the non-relational side of identity (form) with the relational one (matter), even if there might be a flaw in the story. How far we can take Aristotelian individual form to be such?

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