Comunità, inoperosità e democrazia in Jean-Luc Nancy


Samir Galal Mohamed


In the present paper, thanks to the author Jean-Luc Nancy (Caudéran, in Gironde, 1940) and his work, we will try to investigate and problematize some of the main political categories of contemporary philosophy reflection. The essay will analyze the salient concepts of «inoperative community», «being-with» and «democracy», as they were developed by Nancy from 1986 up to today. We will examine how a community should be an inclusive and plural space, where the singular differences can be politically expressed. The preliminary assumption is that manifold is material. Therefore, democracy should ensure the game of multiplicity and the exposure settings, but it shouldn’t take charge, through a regulator foundation, to fill them. So the inoperative community is an enhancement perspective of partitions among the subjects; it is every resistance attempt to the destruction of itself.

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