Giovanni Urbani lettore di Heidegger. La salvaguardia dell’arte del passato e l’ideale di una nuova scienza


Graziella Travaglini (Università di Urbino)


This work is about the philosophical aspects of Giovanni Urbani‟s thought, that is those reflections which constantly refer to Martin Heidegger‟s philosophy. The interest in these theoretical aspects doesn‟t stem from the necessity to determine whether Urbani has correctly understood the heideggerian lectio, but rather from a necessity of thought; the necessity to explain, in an originary way, how that particular kind of knowledge that develops through the experience of conservation is able to enrich and make speculative activity more fruitful. Urbani‟s research, indeed, seems to find answers where the philosopher‟s thought stops, drifting toward mysticism.
Thus the present work underlines the peculiar and original way Urbani understands Heidegger‟s lesson, starting just from the point where the theoretical aspects of their reflections start to diverge, and the idea that the conditions to build a new man and a new model of rationality are to be found within science substitutes the heideggerian waiting for the new coming of the Sacred, which is to happen in poetry: the knowledge and experience of conservation become the testing ground of this research, to which the duty to produce an «advance in civilization» has been entrusted.

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